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Rustic Hill Custom Contracting is owned by Scott Sandholm and Natalie Latzka, both former corporate leaders who understand the importance of service and quality.


Their goal is to combine their service expertise and their passion and experience with remodeling and renovation.


They focus on small to mid-range projects which many times create challenges for homeowners, as licensed contractors frequently focus on larger scaled projects and handymen on smaller less involved jobs.


Scott and Natalie bring years of customer service, fix-it, finishing and remodeling experience to each project.

Kitchen Island

Natalie Latzka

Natalie is an attorney who for 24 years worked in roles dedicated to building superior customer service experiences for professionals.  As a working single mother, she has personally had to deal with many home repairs and the frustration of trying to find affordable, accessible and trustworthy help. She is dedicated to helping others find solutions to home repair issues as well as helping them to explore their vision for finishing or remodeling their home.

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Natalie Latzka

Scott Sandholm

Scott is a United States Navy veteran who following his military career worked as a corporate leader for 25 years. Scott is leveraging his many years of home repair and renovation projects to help others achieve their home improvement goals and dreams. Scott’s goal is to offer affordable, accessible, quality and trustworthy service to those looking for small to mid-range project help.

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Scott Sandholm
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Serving the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul area.

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